Does Brew Boosters ship internationally?

At this time, Brew Boosters only ships within Canada (we're sorry!). We are hopeful that by 2021 we will be able to begin shipping items to the US. If you are outside of Canada and want to place a large order, please contact us directly.

How long before the order I placed is shipped?

We aim to have orders shipped within 3 business days of your order being received. However, we will likely be able to get them shipped sooner.

Can I return the product if I don't like it?

We are confident you will enjoy every sip of every flavor, but in the event you do not, please note that Brew Boosters does not accept returns or exchanges, nor do we offer refunds. If you are unsure if you will like a flavor, we recommend you try the "Taste Test" size before committing to a larger bag.

Are the flavors allergy friendly? Gluten Free? Vegan?

At Brew Boosters, we are 100% transparent about the ingredients going into our products. If you have specific allergies or dietary restrictions/preferences, please review the ingredient list. If you have questions about any of the ingredients, please contact us directly and we will do our best to answer any concerns you have.