Allow us to introduce ourselves and share our story.

We are Eric & Tracy, along with our corgi Moose, and we are the folks behind Curious Corgi Coffee Company and Brew Boosters. Proudly located in Stittsville, ON.

We have always had a passion for high quality and flavor filled coffee. In an effort to bring new life to everyday coffee, we first created Brew Boosters in 2019. Handcrafted coffee flavors you can add to any coffee grinds. After an incredible reception to Brew Boosters, we dove head (and paw) first into coffee roasting. In 2021, we launched Curious Corgi Coffee Co, with the mission to uncover the most unique beans from across the globe and bring them to your mugs.

We are a small shop, with only 4 hands and 4 paws, we oversee and make everything ourselves. From creating and applying labels to the packaging, to testing (and retesting) Brew Boosters, painstakingly ensuring a consistent roast for each bag of coffee, right down to hopping in our car to drive to your door (if you’d like us to, and you’re local). We take great pride in our quality and commit to ensuring you get nothing but the finest roasts and seasonings.

Follow us on social media to see what’s happening and don’t be a stranger! We love hearing from you so don’t hesitate to slide into our DMs and/or send us an email. 


Stay curious and happy brewing!

Eric, Tracy + Moose