Our Story

I love coffee. 

Ever since High School, I’ve had a cup of coffee every day. It is one of the few consistencies in my life. No matter what, I’ve always been able to count on coffee to get me through those long days, warm me up when I’m cold and make early mornings manageable.

As I got older, I started refining my coffee tastes. I branched out, trying new blends, experimenting with fancy coffees, and sampling flavored coffees. With time, I learned what I loved, what I disliked, and what I felt was missing.

The idea for Brew Boosters was planted shortly after I met my husband. Every morning, he was in charge of making our coffee at home. Before brewing it, he had a tendency to add ground cinnamon to the coffee. The aroma in the kitchen was intoxicating, and the moment the first sip hit my lips, I was hooked. I was shocked by how something so simple could transform coffee I already loved into something even more magical.

On a sleepless night in October 2019, the idea hit me out of nowhere. “What if I made my own coffee flavors?”.  Since my husband’s cinnamon coffee concoction, he had experimented with other ingredients with varying degrees of success. We tried various flavored coffee creamers, but was never a fan of their high-fat contents and mysterious flavoring ingredients. We also tried flavored coffee beans but often with little success. The quality of the coffee seemed compromised and the flavors weren't always what we wanted. By creating our own Brew Boosters, we could not only perfect the taste but control the ingredients, control the flavor intensity, and could keep our preferred coffee blend. It was win-win! The entire night I laid wide awake thinking of flavors, recipes, a name, the list went on and on.

When the sun came up, I got out of bed, made the last cup of ‘blah’ coffee I’ve ever had, and started to formulate this plan. Brew Boosters was born.

Today, we are proud and excited (and overwhelmed with joy) to be able to offer you a new way to experience your coffee. We are giving you all the power. You can choose any of our flavors, you can know what’s in it, you can choose how much flavor you want to add, you can make your coffee the way you always have (pot, pod, press), and you can use whatever bean or blend you want. Brew Boosters gives you the freedom and control to have the best cup of coffee when you want it, how you want it. Impress your guests with an after dinner flavor suited to the season, cozy up on the weekends with your favorite flavor or just give your everyday cup of coffee new life.