Maple Pecan
Maple Pecan

Maple Pecan

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Maple Pecan Coffee Seasoning.

Perfectly Canadian! The sweetness of maple, mixed with the sweetness of brown sugar and the sweetness of pecans. Lets just say it's sweet, in the best, most unapologetic way.

The True North is known for it's maple syrup and sugar shacks. The Maple Pecan Brew Booster brings this authentically Canadian taste right into your morning coffee. It's like drinking pancakes!, and who wouldn't want to do that?!

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Potshot: Try a flavor once to see if you like it.

Just Right: Test a new flavor out over a few pots of coffee.

True Love: Found the flavor you love? Enjoy your favorite flavor for weeks!


Maple Flakes, Pecans, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Maple Flavor

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